Microsoft Excel date dilemma

I was recently exporting a Microsoft Excel SpreadSheet to a data base. I was using Apache POI to read the excel sheet. To my utter surprise, I was getting the date as some numeric value. I initially thought it was the Unix epoch, but it turned out wrong. I then applied my “dirty-fix” talent, rather than googling. 17-Jan-09 was 39830. 39830/365 = 109. So I gathered that this Microsoft Epoch started from 1st Jan 1900. I was not entirely wrong. But it actually starts from 31st December 1899 :). So, 31st December 1899 is the Day 1 in Microsoft Terminlogy. The Microsoft guys goofed up in the leap year thing, so they lost one day. I know this as I googled a bit today, and came across this. So, the Microsoft Epoch really should have been 1st Jan 1900. Better luck next time :).

I would love to share the code with you:

Note that I am getting a float for the date, which I am converting to String, for purely ease of handling.

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