Maven: Creating deployable distribution: Part 2: creating fat jar

In the Part 1 of this, we had seen how to use the appassembler plugin to create a distribution tar. In this increment, we will see how to use the Maven assembly plugin to create a uber jar or fat jar. A uber jar or fat jar is a single jar having the contents of all the dependencies needed for the project. Again, we will be using the maven-distribution-example as reference. This project would need the project rmi-service-api to compile. We have created a profile called uber-jar:

The assembly plugin uses a pre-fabricated descriptor called jar-with-dependencies. This would condense all dependencies into the single fat jar.

Note there are 2 executions. The first one creates the uber jar and the second one takes that uber jar and the readme.txt and creates a zip file. It does this by using the below assembly descriptor (uber-jar-assembly-descriptor.xml):

The uber jar can be generated by:

mvn clean package -P uber-jar

The sources can be found here:

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