Jar Browser

This is a Swing app to look for a class, package or any resource in a set of given jar/zip files.

Use case

I have got an ugly NoClassDef exception and I suspect the class to be present in some 5 or so odd jars present in a certain folder. I Enter the class name in the text box and point the probable jars form AddJars… and click Search. The matches are shown in the tree view.

How to run?

You need to have JDK1.6 or above. If you want to run it with 1.5, compile the sources with 1.5.

On Linux: java -jar JarBrowser.jar

On Windows: just double click on the JarBrowser.jar or use the same command.

Find the binaries here and the source here.


One thought on “Jar Browser

  1. My favorite is maven search through eclipse (or netbeans if one has that preference). I have not found an easy way to bring it up with eclipse. But type the classname in a java file. Now there are wiggles under it because you cannot find it. Ctrl + 1 and choose the “fix project setup” with a little M on the icon. Now you can search through your maven repos (and add new ones).

    The old fashioned way of doing it is:

    find -name “*.jar” -print0 | xargs -0 grep -i SomeClassName

    Stay cool 😉 !


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