[jackson] Handle LocalDate for json

Post Java 8, LocalDate has become mainstream. Of course, Joda Time, from which LocalDate derives, was quite popular as well. I was trying to convert LocalDate to and from json.

Consider the below simple Person POJO:


The below code converts a Person to Json:

The generated json is as below:

Notice that the dateOfBirth field has lots of attributes. The next logical thing to do would be to take this string and try to un-marshall it to Java Object:

However, this results in the below exception:



Its very easy to solve it. We would need to add the LocalDate type module in pom.xml:

To enable it:

Now we can just go our usual way of using the ObectMapper. Note that now the json string now becomes more concise:


The entire project is here:


The full test case is here:



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