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Maven appassembler plugin: How to deal with path too long issue in Windows

Windows sucks! We all know that. Recently, I had one more reason to crib. I am using the Maven appassembler plugin to create a deployable distribution for my Rmi Server. I added a couple of more dependencies. And suddenly, the windows .bat file that is generated by the appassembler, suddenly wont launch. It was complaining that the path was too long!

Well, I visited the plugin’s home page and after struggling for 3 hrs, I was none the wiser.

Then, I chanced upon an article and with a little bit of tweaking, I was able to get it working. The trick is the following magic line:


Before the fix

The run_rmi_server.bat looked like:

After the fix

The run_rmi_server.bat looks like:

Note that the path has been shortened by using *. This has been introduced in JDK 6: