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Unblocking SELinux

Today, while I was trying to access MySQL through PHP on HTTPD Apache server, I was getting a connection fail. Since I installed PHP for the first time, I double checked on whether I had installed the PHP-MySQL module as well. Yes, I had, all seemed to be fine… but… try again… hey a yellow asterisk pops-up in my task-bar… SELinux is preventing httpd to access MySQL.

What now? Followed the link to the FAQ:

I am summarising it as follows:

Copy the ‘raw message‘ which appears at the end of the SELinux service denied screen. Save it as selinux_httpd_mysql_alert.txt, and run the following command.

audit2allow -M local < selinux_httpd_mysql_alert.txt

This will generate a file called local.pp. Load this by either running the command

semodule -i local.pp

Or by going to the SELinuxManagement [from the System menu -> Administration] and then do a load policy.

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